Custom-Built Albi Home - Extras Extras!

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Custom-built Home - Extras, Extras!

Some options in a custom-built home can cost a lot more than expected! Some quotes from the builder prompted us to do some research. We decided to do some installations after and we removed them from the builder's plans, for example, closet organizers, window coverings, and the backyard deck. But a word of caution!

A Word of Caution! After Possession Expenses

Initially we felt that after the house was built we could do some things cheaper ourselves like the heater in the garage, air conditioning, water softener, and irrigation system and this is proving to be true. Our decisions were based on future cost savings especially since keeping in mind, they would be much more costly if we had to rip out walls and renovate afterwards. With these items properly roughed in, we knew that we could install them some time in the future when we had the extra money. A little planning and foresight here into what we knew we would eventually want in our dream home has enabled us to save thousands.

Siding! The house starts to look real!

There is something new to see every day at the job site. Watching the siding go on gives the house an almost-finished look. Mistakes are made but when things happen I make a call and soon everything is sorted out. I have respect for all trades people, with me on site every day. I try hard not to get in their way but they appreciate me there to point out some of the changes I made to the stock floorplans helping them avoid extra work. They work hard and typically are not on salary so being able to finish quickly and efficiently is the best for them! It is really exciting to see the progress being made.

The Bonus Room - Nancy is Excited

My parents built an open-concept house with a cathedral ceiling. Growing up, I remember I enjoyed the space and think it's a good idea for our new home. Nancy thinks it's a good idea too, so we designed the living room to be open from above. We also chose the corner lot to give us the option for a ton of windows, some people might say too many!! The window coverings cost a small fortune!