Custom-Built Albi Home - Floors Can Be Beautiful

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Floors Can Be Beautiful.

Now that the protective covers are off we can admire our floors. They are gorgeous! Nancy and I are getting very excited to move into our brand new custom-built Albi home. No more delays.

Move-in Date – Soon!

We make arrangements with a Moving Contractor to come when we are ready to move the big stuff. They give us a quote of $1,200, for a two-story, four-bedroom house with a finished basement. I think the price is right. The small packing we start to do ourselves.

Packing Party with Friends

How did we accumulate so much? Now, we start to feel the pressure. But, we have a great idea. Let's have a 'packing party' and get our friends to lend a hand. We invite a few close friends. They are happy to help.  We order in food. The night is fun for us and it's nice to know everyone is carried away with the excitement too. We have about 20 boxes to go in one night. There is still a lot more packing to do. We make several trips to get more boxes from Home Depot.

Fencing between Good Neighbours

There are still some extra costs that we need to deal with. For example, we knew about our requirement to help pay for the fencing on one side on the neighbouring property. When we actually move in, it moves to the top of the priority list. But planning a house-warming party is also on the agenda. Since we have out-of-town relatives who will visit this summer, we may actually have two!