Custom-Built Albi Home - More Delays – Seriously?

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Albi Home - More Delays – Seriously?

More Selection Meetings - Saving Money is Good

We do our research ahead of time before each meeting to find out what is important and what is not...what is worth the money… also where the builder is charging too much! It can happen. There are cases where getting things done, while building, can be practical and in fact can't feasibly be done after possession, like in floor heat, drains in the garage, extra hose bibs or a hot and cold tap on the back deck, extra soffit plugs and network wiring and plumbing in general.

The Rental Unit – Still a Good Idea but...

I must say that I wonder what would have happened without my diligence and persistence. I probably would end up with a completely different house. I make about a dozen phone calls to the city bylaw office to correct mistakes the builder is telling me regarding the rental suite requirements. My floor-plans are always wrong and the line of communication, me-to-sales person-to-office-to-designer, and then back again often ends up in confusion. They even try to tell me my house will be one foot narrower. I have to tell the builder a few things! In the end I actually schedule a meeting directly with the designer at Albi, I come prepared with paperwork from the city and a few ideas of my own and together we work out some major decisions!

Electrical – So Much to Think About - Who Knew?

Now that the plans are finalized, (almost) it's time to get back to more selections meetings. Structured Media and Electrical Wiring is next. We decide to upgrade to Cat6 network cables, adding extra network hookups outside, for cameras and inside for wireless access points and wall-mounted tv locations. This costs $1,200 but will pay off in the long run. The cameras themselves must be done after possession, are not included in the house price and are about $2,000. Electrical is a bit more complicated. With the rental suite we want totally separate electrical panels installed for us vs. the tenants, so our panel ends up in the garage. After adding extra plugs, and extra wiring for lights we end up with another $3,500 bill.

Building Still Delayed

The wiring for lights is done at the electrician's and selections of the actual lights are done at the lighting supplier. These meetings take place close together time-wise and we go back and forth a couple of times in e-mails later. First electrical, then lighting, then back to electrical, then finalize with lighting then finalize with electrical. These decisions, when done prior to possession, can save an absolute fortune vs. doing them after.

We make time for all these meetings and feel good about our decisions. But the actual building is still delayed.

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