Custom-Built Albi Home - Stay on Top of It!

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Custom-built Home - Stay on Top of It!

Last House with Albi Estates

Cody, our framer, will soon be moving out-of-province so this will be his last house with Albi Estates. He is awesome and he is highly professional at what he does. We were lucky to have him. We wish him well wherever he goes next.

Keeping on Top of Things

We have made many decisions so far. We sign off on tile, carpet, shelving and mirrors. I drop by the house to make an inspection. I see that they have the plumbing installed. When Nancy and I were making plans, we asked and paid thousands of dollars for high-quality fixtures such as a special shower head in the master bathroom. When I saw the installation, I realized that to my dismay only the rain can was installed.

Missing Shower Head – Huh?

Looking at the shower stall, I realize that we are missing the shower head. How does this happen? It could be that we made that decision over a year ago and it was lost in the translation from: Albi-initial-plans-to-builder-to-plumber. Things like that can happen over that lengthy a time-line. Also missing is a water line to the freezer, no drain in the bathroom downstairs and the fridge is in the wrong place.

I Visit the Construction Site Every Day

After a telephone call all the issues are quickly fixed. Things are progressing at a nice pace. Nancy and I continue to talk about decorating ideas. It is fun!