Custom-Built Albi Home - Trials and Tribulations

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Trials and Tribulations of a Custom-built Home

The Delays Begin. Are We Disappointed? Very!

We are supposed to be at the drywall stage by three months. This doesn't happen, not by a long shot. We leave the Albi scheduled meetings very frustrated and feel the area manager is not cooperative. Friends and family tire of hearing about our complaints. Things, like fireplace, and kitchen cabinets keep changing from what we were promised and as what was in the Show Home. First some things are standard then they are not. We have pictures and proof with the emails. The area manager begs to differ. Things rotate one way then another. We are confused. We drive by the site...just because...longing...

New Area Manager Assigned to Us

After many complaints, phone-calls and emails back and forth, and months delay we put our foot down. We have a meeting with an Albi supervisor. He gives us a sympathetic ear and with all the emails with plans and specifics on record he takes the time to analyse our frustration. A few days later, he calls and says that he completely understands our dissatisfaction with the company's service to date. He tries hard to make things right and offers us some satisfaction towards what we have been expecting in regards to upgrades.

Also we now have a 'new' area manager. His name is Brian and his assistant is Julia.

Better Treatment

The Albi Estate 'team' are awesome. We are immediately treated better. We put down another 10 % deposit. To be fair to the previous area manger, the suppliers of some standard offerings changed, for example cabinet handles and countertop options. Previous orders are delayed from the original factory suppliers so new ones are found. We make compromises and more upgrades.

Months Fly by When Having Fun

We now have meetings about fun stuff like lighting and flooring. We keep our budget in check but are excited about our new options. We tell family and friends about the pleasurable experience of a custom build home...really! The rental unit design is shaping up. I'm glad I stuck to my idea. It will be an attached but separate entrance custom-built rental unit. I figure in ten years time, the extra cost will pay for itself. But...there are still more delays. You have got to be kidding me.

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