Custom-Built Albi Home - We Have a Wall - Yes!

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We Have a Wall – Yes!

Our Albi Home - The House Takes Shape

The kids never get tired of visiting the construction site. We drive up to and go around the house building every day after school. Nick loves the action, especially with all the trucks and machinery and workers and assembling going on. When the foundation wall-structure is in, they deliver a prefab front entrance, porch and steps. Then they start work on the sub-floor. It takes weeks, more or less and then we actually can walk up and in to what will be our house. Next, a wall...

We Have a Wall – Yes!

We stop by the lot and see a wall going up. The kids' eyes are glued to the moving crane and chatty with excitement. Cody, the framer, operates the crane like a pro. As we watch, Nancy and I take pictures. Out of the corner of my eye I see that like me, she is grinning from ear to ear. Soon four walls are up. We leave but miss the house so later ...we drop by with a Subway sandwich for hard-working Cody.

Roof, Upper Floors, Windows then More Stairs

When the upper floor is done, the stairs go in. We get to finally go upstairs and then get a better feel for the house. We designed this house. We are proud and thrilled. The windows are installed. Things are getting really exciting. We get to see what the view will be like. The scene is interesting from up that high. We do see houses of course, but all around we get to see a bit of the escarpment. Nice.

More Framing – Interior Walls

With the interior walls framed in, we get a good sense for how big the rooms will be although we know it will feel different once the drywall is up. Our imaginations run wild with decorating ideas. In the plans our tall walls are over-engineered so could have pure glass and wood with a bulk head so we can hang curtains and install lights. The framer used actual floor joists for the bulkhead so it will reinforce the structure of the wall even more and I can walk on it? We love that decision. We have a lot to talk about. Meah walks into what will be her room. Later she calls, her grandmother, her Baba and says that she loves her room. What eight-year old wouldn't?

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