Custom-Built Home Our Big Decision-Albi Riverstone

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Custom Built Home – Our Big Decision? Albi – Riverstone!

We are Ready

We have outgrown our home. With a nice, normal-size-but-kids-growing family we need more space. Our kitchen is very small with just the four of us using it. We like to entertain, dinner parties a crowd we bump elbows. But do we need a custom home? Why not? We both have good jobs with a future. My partner, Nancy is a teacher and I am a Real Estate agent. This is my third home. So why not treat ourselves to a dream home?

We Want the Best We Can Afford

We want the best. We are into comfort, modern appliances, luxury-size rooms and custom details. Albi Home Builders provide us with this dream opportunity. We are excited. We tour the Albi Show Home many times over the Christmas Holiday Season. We bring friends and family members to weigh in. The kids have fun running around the big environment, content with the space and feel perfectly at home.

Only a Realtor Knows the Right Questions to Ask

As realtor with over ten years experience to draw upon, I know the questions to ask. Many homeowners buy and sell many times over the course of their life-time. Some upgrades are worth the money but some are only an extravagance. What are the best features to add to a custom-built home? One of the main upgrades that I want, knowing the Calgary rental market and its income potential, is a guest place or rental potential.

Promise of a Quick Build- Not!

With their high standards in building (many building and design awards) and promises of a quick build, we lay down the 10% deposit. We decide on a corner lot. Real Estate experience has taught me that this is one of the better future selling-point features. We are assigned an area manager. So good. We expect to have many meetings regarding progress, any questions we may have and ideas about upgrades etc... I ask about the rental unit addition. Hmmm...they don't, as of yet, offer this. I look into the bylaws and persevere with the area agent. This takes time to sort out. Good idea? Maybe. Stayed tuned...