What I am Doing – During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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What I am Doing – During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Buying a Home? – I'm Chris - Your New Virtual Realtor

If you have Corona Virus worries but still want to buy a home, I can save you the travel by offering you a virtual tour using video calling like facebook messenger or skype. I have years of experience showing houses, drawing up offers and basically handling transactions from start to finish doing it all remotely. From the comfort of your favourite safe spot, I will tour the home with you, pointing out the distinctive features and answering any questions you have. I am here to help you take advantage of the lack of buyer activity and negotiate hard on a new property.

New Social Distancing Rules

Once you have narrowed it down to a short list, I can also meet with you at the homes you are interested in, using the latest and safest 'Social Distancing Requirements.' For example, showing you a home will be restricted to a private in-person tour with two people at a time. We use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before entering a home. During the tour I will maintain a distance of six feet from you and won’t shake hands or enter small bathrooms or crawl spaces.

Selling a Home? Virtual Tours More Important than Ever

For many years I have used my exceptionally reliable photographers who are experts at creating a virtual tour of homes for sale. While on site they follow Alberta Health recommended procedures. With video and audio clips I will help people experience the particular features your home has to offer, ensuring the best chance of a sale.

NEWS - Government Announces $82 Billion Dollars in Aid - Alberta will Benefit

On Wednesday, the government announced money to offset the downturn in the Canadian economy and the job-loss crisis. This is good news for Alberta. There is special attention to airlines and the energy sector that will boost a welcome relief to our province.

Banks Have Loosened the Purse Strings

Interest rates are at their lowest in years. Investors are taking encouragement from the recent rate cuts implemented to combat the economic crisis. Selling or buying a home is now easier than ever. The governments have stepped in, to not only slow the market volatility but also assisting people with their daily and monthly bills. The financial situation changes daily. If the bank refused you a mortgage before, you may even be encouraged to try again.

Poised for a Boom – Big Time – The New Roaring Twenties

History has a story to tell. The housing market in Canada did not experience a noticeable adverse impact from SARS as evidence suggest from a report in the Financial Post back in 2003. If any, the effect of Corona Virus is likely to be moderate in the short run. Many economists believe that if the challenge persists for a more extended period, the Canadian housing market may become more attractive to investors. They may likely move their capital from markets with more threatening health risks to the relatively safe environs in Canada. This could be the new age of The Roaring Twenties!

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